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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – If I want to do a one to one session in person, where do I have to go?
A – DM Guidance is located in Birr, Co Offaly.

Q – Can I do a one to one session over a video conference using something like Zoom?
A – Yup, these types of meetings have become very common since the arrival of Covid-19 and have been working rather well to date.

Q – What do I need to bring to the one to one session?
A – It’s mainly conversational based so just bring yourself and a notepad to jot down some key points.

Q – Are parents allowed in the one to one sessions?
A – Yes, I’m more than happy for parents to accompany the student. Depending on the situation I may wish to speak to the parent(s) alone for a time. Likewise, I may wish to speak to the student alone for a time.

Q – How do I book a one to one session or a seminar?
A – You can book online following the web links above or simply drop me an email with any queries you may have. If you wish to speak in person, I’m happy to take phone calls.

Q – I represent a school, can I get an insight into your seminar content before I book?
A – There are online descriptions and summaries of seminar content here. If you require more information on the seminar itself, I’m happy to send a more detailed framework of the seminar via email.

Q – How many numbers can your seminars cater for?
A – The numbers are down to space; I’m happy to present to however many numbers the space can comfortably fit.

Q – Do you require anything from the school/venue to conduct the seminar?
A – No, I travel with a lapel microphone, speakers, projector and screen. It’s important that people can hear and see the content so I take care of this angle myself.

Q – Are there Q&A sessions after the seminars?
A – Yes, I leave time at the end to address any questions people may have.

Q – Does the school careers officer not cover the same stuff?
A – Essentially we do different things in order to help the student make the correct choices. The careers officer will often focus on the immediate step beyond school; I focus on the step beyond that. There is little or no overlap in content. A student with access to both approaches stands the best chance at making an informed decision.

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Q – Are you qualified?
A – Yes, I’m a fully qualified secondary school teacher who has spent the best part of the last decade in the world of work and compiling research to aid the school-leaving process.

Q – Are you Garda Vetted?
A – Yes.

Q – You have seminars aimed at transition year students and leaving cert students. Do you have anything designed around a younger audience?
A – No, I don’t deliver to students younger than transition year. I find younger students don’t consider these discussions pertinent at the time as there is so much time to elapse before the decisions must be made.