One to One Sessions

Seminars provide crucial information that students need to hear before they make their choices. One to one sessions help the student apply this information to their specific case as well as directly address the questions of the individual.

In the one to one sessions there are no personality tests, no buzz-words and no flowery language. The student will not be told what job to do. However, the student will leave the session equipped with the knowledge to narrow down the viable options and will have a much more acute knowledge of the post-school world. The idea of these sessions is to break down the communication barrier so the conversation can be truthful and honest and in this environment, options can be explored and analysed without agenda. Sometimes all the students and parents need is to have said what’s in their head aloud and in the correct fashion to find common ground. In other cases, a whole new approach is needed.

For those struggling with post-school choices, a one to one session is the best way to unlock the path forward.

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