Guidance Services For Students

Guidance Services For Students

Services offered to individual students are one to one sessions which are taken part either in person or online via video conferencing. These sessions last one hour and aim to answer any questions the student has about future options as well as provide information that is pertinent to the specific individual.

There are many situations and instances that students are unaware of and these sessions are aimed at bringing this new information to light as well as offering clarity on any uncertain areas around post-school life.

Parents have the option of being present for some of the session and are encouraged to attend.

Within the session there are no personality tests, magic answers or buzz-words. What takes place is a simple assessment of the student’s position and outlook followed by information that will help clear the path to the correct choices.

Either way, both parents and students will know more after leaving the session and it’s this information that makes choosing the right path a much easier task.

Booking for students seminars can be done via the Contact Us page or from the Products / Services page.