Leaving Cert Student Seminar

So many students have no idea what they would like to do when they leave school. That’s very understandable and with differing opinions and influence presented from several sources, it’s a difficult choice to make. In reality, there is no correct answer and no quick-fix or magic solution as everyone’s situation is unique.

The key is information. If the correct information is presented in an accessible way, then making choices becomes a little easier. In the leaving cert student seminar; there are no buzz-words and no flowery language. Real world truths are presented to the students and information about post-school life is discussed without the student/teacher or student/parent barrier. The seminar presents mistakes that have been made by others in the past and alerts the students to these pitfalls while aiming to make the difficult choices easier. Even though there are no magic answers, students will come away from the seminar knowing more than they did beforehand and that is a valuable certainty.

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