Seminar for Parents

It’s very difficult being the parent of a school-leaver in the modern world as the landscape has shifted so dramatically in the last decade that it’s almost un-recognisable to the past. Common issues for parents include a difficulty to find out what interests and passions the school leaver has that may point in the direction of a certain career. In fact, communication between parent and student in this matter often breaks down for various reasons and this can be very frustrating for a parent who simply wishes to help.

This seminar helps parents understand the post-school landscape from college courses to apprenticeships, as well as and the hiring industries and how they differ now to the last number of decades. In a clear and understandable fashion, it discusses ways to get over the parent/student barrier as well as provides real-life cases of success and failure. The idea here is to provide information to parents that they wouldn’t find elsewhere so they may be more effective when advising the student about future choices.

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