What We Do

What We Do

DM Guidance is designed to help the many students throughout the country who are unsure what they should do after school. Students are not the only ones who struggle with this question and as so, DM Guidance provides services to parents and guardians as well.

Both seminars and one-to-one sessions are offered in order to provide information to help make these difficult choices easier.

As the content does not deeply cover college courses and CAO points; there’s little overlap between the information presented and that of a school careers officer. In fact, DM Guidance looks ahead to occupations and real-life pitfalls surrounding early career choice and advises the student along the best paths to avoid these.

There is a whole host of information that school leavers need to hear before they make their future choices. DM Guidance aims to present this information.

If you are leaving school and are unsure about what to do, this is the place for you.