Transition Year Student Seminar

This seminar differs greatly from the leaving cert version because the students are in a different headspace regarding post-school decisions. For a transition year student, leaving school can seem so far into the future that many of these students may not have even contemplated future options. The seminar aims to get the student thinking about the post-school world and stresses the influence their upcoming subject-choice will have on their options moving forward.

We’ve all regretted making uninformed decisions in the past and this seminar aims to present information that hands the students the facts before they make their subject choices.

As well as discussing the influence current decisions can have on shaping the future, the seminar aims to encourage the students to explore occupations they haven’t before and think in terms of work-life balance, wages and working hours. The scale of the seminar as well as the Q&A session at the end will provide the framework for the student to finally take post-school options seriously.

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